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prissy poofs sparkle poof December 13, 2007

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Have you seen a Prissy Poof? Have you ever wondered what a Prissy Poof is? Do you think you need a Prissy Poof? If you have answered yes then you probably have a daughter, granddaughter, niece or little girl in your life who loves to dress-up and dance. The Prissy Poof was given to us as a gift and my five year old loves it. Everyday she puts on the tutu and the princess hat and dances (i.e., leaps and twirls) around the room.

Prissy Poofs Sparkle Poof

Why we love this item: The Prissy Poof is affordable. Starting at $36.00 (the Sparkle Poof, shown, is $49.95) you will get a dress-up, pretend play item that will last for years and can be handed down from sister to sister or given to friends. The Prissy Poof is creative. If you are at a loss for a Halloween costume then consider their Ladybug poof. We received the sparkle poof and used it for my daughter’s ballet recital. It was quick and easy to put on and no one had one like it!

Where to buy it: Shop online at the Prissy Poofs store at


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